Purchase and Rental Options

Restoring your health through the power of increased oxygen saturation, which repairs your tissue starting at the cellular level. We work with you to develop a personalized session plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. For more information, please visit our Sale and Rental page.

Taking Home Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber:

Beyond Oxygen offers in office treatments, rental and purchase options for chambers. 

For some patients, renting or buying a chamber makes more sense than coming into a center like ours for treatment.

To determine which set up is most optimal for you, consider…

Frequency and Duration

In some cases patients may need 40, 80 or even a few hundred sessions to get optimal results. In some cases two sessions per day are recommended, wherein having a chamber at home would be more convenient and cost effective.


We do our best to help patients in and out of our chambers in the office, but if more assistance is required, it may make more sense to have home access to your own chamber.

Driving Distance and Scheduling

The the minimum amount of oxygen exposure required to stimulate healing for even the most basic cases is 10-20 sessions. It could make more sense to have your own if there is not a center nearby.

Get in Touch with Us

Together we can find the most affordable and convenient plan to get the treatment you need and make HBOT fit your life!

*Please email info@oxygenandbeyond.com or call our clinic at 651-447-2121 for more information regarding our rental and sale options.